Extra Services

Types of cleanings we offer and their rates (scroll down for job detail)

  • Intitial, thorough cleaning {Set rate: 2.5 times the cost of a bi-weekly cleaning estimate}
  • Annual, thorough cleaning/spring cleaning Set rate: {2 times the cost of your typical cleaning rate}
  • One-time thorough cleaning {Set rate: $45/cleaning hour} *Please note: a cleaning hour is per cleaner per hour.
  • Weekly cleaning
  • Bi-weekly cleaning
  • Monthly cleaning
  • Vacation rental turnover cleaning
  • Move-in/move-out cleaning {Set rate: $40/cleaning hour if you are a current client or $45/cleaning hour if you are not a current client.} *Please note: a cleaning hour is per cleaner per hour.
  • Interior window cleaning {Set rate: $40/cleaning hour if you are a current client or $45/cleaning hour if you are not a current client.} *Please note: a cleaning hour is per cleaner per hour.

*We do not offer post-construction or large-scale janitorial service.

Initial, Thorough Cleaning

We require that all new clients receives an initial, thorough cleaning. An initial, thorough cleaning allows us to remove all of the dirt and dust from the home before we begin routine, maintenance cleaning services.

The initial thorough cleaning includes everything from our Signature cleaning service and a whole lot more. Excluding windows and scrubbing the walls {which can be done for an additional charge}, we do it all: thorough dusting, blinds, all doorframes, window frames, baseboards, tops of kitchen cabinets, tops of ceiling fans, and moppng of all tile and hardwood floors. *Please note that we do not go higher than a 2-step ladder.

Vacation Rental Turnover Cleaning

We offer VRBO cleanings as well as any rental turnover cleaning. We service the beach area of Delaware and perform vacation rental turnover cleanings on Saturdays between 10am – 3pm. *Sunday cleanings are available for an additional $15 surcharge.

Rental turnover service includes (but is not limited to): vacuuming whole house, dust whole house, make beds, clean bathrooms and kitchen, clean refrigerator and freeer inside/out, sweep outside decks, remove trash and recycling. Additional services offered: stock soaps and paper products, flower bouquets, gift baskets (a wonderful way to thank return renters)!

If you have a rental home that requires weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or irregular cleanings between rentals, please consider using Ecolistic Cleaning. Contact our main office to schedule an estimate.

Move-in/Move-out Cleaning

Move-in or move-out cleanings are similar to initial, thorough cleanings (see above), but also includes cleaning of empty refrigerators and freezers, wiping out of empty kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and wiping windowsills and trim (as needed).

Window Cleaning

Interior and exterior (fold-in only) window/glass cleaning jobs are priced at an hourly rate. For exterior windows: we only can clean the windows that fold-in or glass that is located at entryways. We clean interior windows that can be reached by a 2-step ladder. Window cleaning is usually scheduled on a different day than your initial or routine cleaning day and is charged separately.

Office Cleaning

We do a fabulous job cleaning offices! We have plenty of long-term references, available upon request. Please see our office cleaning page for more details.

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