About Us

The story of Ecolistic Cleaning is a business that began as a single mother’s dream to run a green service company. Started in 2003, with a vacuum, a cleaning bucket and a mop, Courtney began cleaning her neighbors home for some extra money with two children on the couch reading books and playing with legos and a baby on her back. She realized that there was a demand for green cleaning and so, having been raised by an entreprenuer, she started advertising for clients on Craigslst to see if this side-gig could turn into something more. Slowly but surely, the calls started coming in! It was then that the company was, then The Green Cleaner, was born.

The word Ecolistic was created by the founder, Courtney Sunborn, when brain-storming on a new name for the company after her research uncovered that the company’s original name, The Greener Cleaner, was taken. Starting with the phrases “eco” and “down to earth” the words eco and realistic melded together in her mind and the word “Eco-listic” was born. The word is now copyrighted and is slowly becoming a household word, at least for those of us absorbed in the local green cleaning industry.

Ecolistic Cleaning slowly grew organically and now has over 25 eco-conscious and hard-working Natural Cleaning Specialists and 250 routine clients.

E-co-lis-tic © adjective– 1. a way of life; living in a way that reflects ones mindfulness to the precious balance between organisms and their environment. 2. realizing our place and the effect of our actions on this shared Earth.

Our Mission At Ecolistic Cleaning, we are dedicated to providing an eco-friendly and reliable green cleaning service that not only maintains the highest standards of cleanliness but also upholds our commitment to living-wage employment for our trustworthy and hardworking Natural Cleaning Specialists.For over 20 years, Ecolistic Cleaning has provided consistent, specialty cleanings for our clients, using the most effective non-toxic cleaning products, making the health and well-being of our clients, our employees, and of our planet our top priorities. Our mission is to create a cleaner, greener world, one environmentally responsible cleaning at a time.

Our Vision At Ecolistic Cleaning, we envision a future where our green cleaning service leads the way in promoting not only the well-being of our employees through paying livable wages but also the health of our planet through the use of top-of-the-line nontoxic cleaning products. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of environmental responsibility. We aim to inspire positive change across the cleaning industry, demonstrating that providing living wages can coexist with our mission of sustainability, resulting in a happier, healthier, and more prosperous workforce. We see a future where our holistic approach, combining fair compensation and eco-friendly practices, inspires positive change across our industry and beyond, creating a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable world.

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