Purchased Products

Ecolistic Cleaning carefully selects non-toxic cleaning products from companies that are committed to environmental responsibility. We support companies that are committed to recycled and/or recyclable packaging. Many of our cleaning products contain organic ingredients.

Seventh Generation

Breathe easy while you wipe away grease, dirt and grime. Their non-toxic cleaners leave nothing behind but a streak-free shine. Seventh Generation cleaners help you take care of your whole house or office. Kitchen, windows, appliances, bathroom – Seventh Generation has a cleaner for every occasion. We love their brown recycled paper towels! They leave the least amount of lint residue.


Committed to the Environment, and to Your Satisfaction – Founded by early pioneers in biodegradable cleaners, Life Tree was the first company in the U.S. to bring consumers a complete line of natural, biodegradable household cleaning products. In a world of compromise, Life Tree has always been distinguished by its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Made to perform as well (or better) that the mass-market alternatives, we stand behind all Life Tree products, and guarantee your satisfaction.

Howard Naturals

Granite, marble, and stainless steel take extra care and attention. We rely on the Howard Naturals line to ensure the appliances and countertops in your home do not get damaged.


From introducing the first phosphate-free washing powder to installing green roofs on our factories to save energy, to turning raw sugarcane into fantastic plastic packaging. All small steps matter when it comes to protecting our world. And because we can achieve more working together, we even offered our technology to our industry competitors. We don’t mind sharing.


When something just isn’t coming up, that stove has seen better days, or simply to get a strong cleanser, Ecolistic Cleaning turns to the highly concentrated, always natural CitraSolv!

Bon Ami

A powerful, yet non-abrasive, bacteria-fighting scrub that can be used anywhere in your kitchen and bathrooms for over 120 years… Bon Ami! Ecolistic Cleaners use Bon Ami in addition to our own homemade scrub when we need something a little tougher.

  • www.bonami.com
  • Bon Ami Company 510 Walnut, Suite 300 Kansas City, MO 64106-1209


Our new floor cleaner of choice! It uses enzyme action to break down the dirt.

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